Why Install a Gutter Guard ?

Benefits of installing a Gutter Guard

Cleaning the gutters around your home whenever a heavy downpour occurs is not a thing anyone wants to do every time. Blockages in your downpipe may be caused by debris such as leaves, twigs, and even live animals, and removing these is difficult especially without help from a professional. If left unnoticed, this may cause a leak on your house, and worse, a dirty environment that may even affect your neighbors. This is where the professional team from Gutter Cleaning Sydney can help by installing a gutter guard at your home.

Metal gutter guards are a cost efficient and practical way that can help you avoid these things to happening. Among the many benefits that they offer, gutter guards will help to keep to protect your gutters and ultimately help protect your house from water damage. Here are some key benefits of installing gutter guards to the roof of your Sydney home:

  1. Gutter guards act as a filter to prevent debris from entering your gutters and pipes. With this, blockage will be prevented and in effect, an overflow of rainwater to your roof is unlikely to happen. Also, with gutter guards, you can easily remove the filtered debris yourself, saving you a great amount of time and money.
  2. With little to no materials entering, the time of cleaning of your gutters is reduced to every six months from every three to five years. This will also make your gutters last longer as it prevents rust buildup caused by debris.
  3. In times of heavy rains, gutters sometimes tend to have clogging which causes an overflow of rainwater. This may leak into your house and the excess water can also affect your neighbor. With gutter guards, blockage will be minimized and in effect prevents clogging.
  4. If you are keen on storing rainwater, installing a gutter guard could be the perfect solution for you. With fewer to no debris going into the pipes, the stored water will be cleaner and free from large materials. Also, the time to fill a tank or water storage will be faster, as gutter guards ease the flow of water from the pipes to the tank.
  5. From small rodents to small insects such as mosquitoes and cockroaches, you would not have to worry about pests infesting your home. Gutter guards also act as a barrier to prevent these animals from entering your gutters and pipes.
  6. Installing gutter guards can also reduce fire hazard to your house. In areas prone to bushfires, embers can travel far and even reach your roof. With gutter guards rated for fire protection, you can prevent your house from catching fire when this happens.

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