Gutter Cleaning Costs

How much does Gutter Cleaning cost in Sydney?

If you don’t want water to leak into your house and damage your walls and foundation, make sure you have your gutters cleaned regularly! If these get clogged with leaves from nearby trees and other forms of debris, you might end up spending more than just a regular gutter cleaning session to fix the water damage. The friendly team at Gutter Cleaning Sydney provides a professional and affordable gutter cleaning service for residential home owners and businesses alike, across all suburbs in Sydney. But what is a typical price that you can expect to pay for gutter cleaning in Sydney?

The reality is that the cost of gutter cleaning varies, but it’s mostly dependent on the following factors:

House Size

One thing to keep in mind: “The larger the house, the higher the cost.” Why? The higher your house is or the more storeys it has, the riskier it is for gutter cleaning professionals. Since they have to make use of additional safety equipment, this would also mean some additional cost on your part. This is why single-storey houses have the lowest rate for prices tend to increase with the rise in the number of storeys.

Gutter Condition

It’s very important that you regularly clean your gutters. Not only does it help you avoid unnecessary water damage, but it also helps you cut costs in the long run. When gutters are left uncleaned for a long time, leaves and all kinds of debris tend to build up over time, eventually resulting to clogging. Because of this, it takes longer to clean so the additional work hours of cleaning professionals will be added to your basic estimate.

Risk Involved

Cleaning the gutters is naturally risky. But the riskier it is, the more money you’d have to shell out. Tilted roofs, for example, can be very dangerous. Unlike flat roof types, cleaning professionals would have to stay on their ladder all the time to effectively do their job, thus making it significantly more dangerous. The same goes with complex roof types such as those with dormers, gables, most especially roof types with different heights. Even the fact that a house is situated against a slope or is placed too close to neighboring houses poses a higher risk, which also means a higher cost.

Extra Services

Aside from simply cleaning the gutter, most home owners tend to request for additional services such as resealing loose outlets and end caps, tightening fasteners, and cleaning the exterior of gutters and downspouts. These extra services, especially those which require additional equipment, would result to a higher price estimate than a regular gutter cleaning session. Some even have downspouts installed or have the entire gutter system replaced. Despite the additional cost, these extra services will end up saving you money in the long run.

Average Gutter Cleaning Price for Sydney

For a single story residential house located in Sydney, you can expect to pay around the $99 mark to clean a gutter that is in average condition. For larger single story houses containing more debris, this amount would typically be around $150-$200. For double-story residential houses, prices start at $200 which allows time to safely put larger ladders in place and secure safety harnesses. For Strata and commercial customers, average prices start at $300 for a full professional gutter clean and inspection.

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